Electronic Intelligence
New company with long presence and experience in the Italian market,  able to

  • Offer high quality electronic products

  • Conceive, design and produce new devices complying to the new fast        
    moving market needs
DVBT Complete portfolio, from simple zapper
to HD MHP Card Reader for Pay TV
High Reliability with competitive prices
MEDITron - Key points

A company slim, dynamic, flexible, in line with the different market trends.

Qualified technical competence, guaranteed by the deep knowledge and
relationship with the electronic design local field.
MEDITron - The one-stop shop DVBT vendor

Specialized in the DVBT decoders:
- Simple Zappers
- Simple Zappers with USB port for PVR (Personal VIdeo Recording)
- High Definition Decoder with CAM (Conditional Access Module) housing for PayTV
- Decoders with MHP Conditional Access Card Reader for Italian PayTV
MEDITron  DVBT decoders